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What's The Big Idea? - Interested in writing nonfiction for kids? Heather recently shared a how-to article on the blog of fellow author Elizabeth Dulemba. Check it (and Elizabeth's informative posts and fun kids books) out at http://dulemba.blogspot.com/.

California Kids featured Heather in their January 2014 issue. Wild Discoveries was also selected as the Eco-Book of the month.  Click here to read the interview by Patricia Newman.

Schools Go Wild - 
Schools are taking advantage of
Wild Discoveries to integrate literature into all disciplines. Art students at Paine Primary School used it for a study of symmetry, resulting in the above mural. Imagine walking through the guts of a frog to enter your library!  

Book Pairs - L
ooking for fiction/nonfiction book pairs? Compare and contrast? Analyzing how two authors write about the same topic? Download this list of book pairs for Wild Discoveries: Wacky New Animals.

Awards - Heather was granted the Roosevelt-Ashe Award for "Outstanding Educator in Conservation"! Selected from educators across the south, the award honors conservation heroes for their contributions to protect wild places and wild things.
Watch the video here (starting at 2:18).


Wild Discoveries:Wacky New Animals 

A see-through frog? A bomb-dropping worm? A sneezing monkey?
Wacky animals which have been unknown to science -- until now!

WILD DISCOVERIES highlights thirty amazing new creatures plus the stories of those who discovered them -- some of whom are children!

Available at Scholastic Book Fairs, through Scholastic Book Clubs and at your book store!

Or buy online:

Scholastic             Indiebound            Amazon



Download "Wild About Learning" a lesson plan unit to accompany Wild Discoveries. Lesson are correlated to the Common Core State Standards Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects  and  Next Generation Science Standards.

"Wild About Learning Unit" MS Word Document. 5.6 MB
"Wild About Learning Unit" PDF Document. 0.9 MB
Fiction and Nonfiction Books Pairs

Book Reviews of Wild Discoveries

International Reading Association's "Reading Today Online" review

A review and educational activities at the "Growing with Science Blog"



  • Author Profile by author Patricia Newman that addresses my approach to writing, background and what got me hooked on writing for kids.
  • Interview by author Claire Datonw about Heather's presentation at the Writing and Illustrating for Kids SCBWI conference
  • Video of Heather talking about Wild Discoveries
    on Channel 11 Cooper and Company with Gloria Cooper


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Wild Discoveries; Monroeville Elementary; Monroeville, AL; May 12

Wild about Learning; Vincent Elementary; Vincent, AL; May 13

School Presentations; Excel School, Excel, AL, May 19

AL Library Expo; Cities across Alabama; September 29 - October 2

Greystone Elementary;  Birmingham, AL; October 21

Chester County Middle School; Henderson, TN; October 23

Homewood School's Author's Day; Homewood, AL; March 4-6, 2015

Earth Week; Brock's Gap Elementary and Gwin Elementary Schools; April 23-24, 2015 

Want Heather to present at your school, library or event? Visit her presentations page.
As a naturalist, I love to explore the world around me.  As a teacher, I love to share my passion for bugs, rocks and running water.  As a writer I get to do both!